At Redan, we're all about being conscious of our impact on the environment, and we take our role in protecting it pretty seriously. As a fashion brand that is founded in New Zealand, we recognize that we've got a unique chance to contribute positively towards sustainable practices in fashion.

Let us tell you how...

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We believe in being crystal clear about what goes on behind the scenes. That's why we're all about transparency and ethical practices throughout our supply chain. We partner up with suppliers who share our love for fair labour practices and are as eco-conscious as we are.

This means we always align with manufactures who ensure all staff are paid fairly, on time and have safe working conditions.

Small-Batch Production

Small batch production this means we manufacture our collections in small quantities to prevent textile waste. Our small production runs mean we are sometimes low or out of stock on items. 

Eco Fabrics

Every piece in our collection uses environmentally-preferred fabrics, some examples include 100% cotton and skin friendly buttery polyester, soft elastane and high quality viscose where small percentages of synthetics are required for performance, we limit their use and seek out their eco-friendly equivalents. Plus, we're super mindful of waste and make sure our manufacturing process makes the planet proud.

Friendly to Earth


Join us on this journey toward a greener, more sustainable future. When you choose Redan, you're not just making a fashion statement; you're making a statement for the planet. Let's dress with intention, elegance, and a commitment to protecting our beautiful Earth.